November 14

Joe Hill 100 Years Part 3- LABOR / MIGRANT / GULF Group Show.

Opening November 14th 6-10pm, 2 Venues, next door to each other!

URI-EICHEN Gallery | facebook.com/URIEICHENGallery2101Halsted 2101 S Halsted and 2107 S Halsted

Labor Migrant Gulf is a comprehensive art exhibit featuring nearly 100 artists, bringing awareness to the migrant working poor in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, the US –Mexican border and throughout the world. This exhibit, born in the United States, is inspired by laborers half way around the world, while keeping a clear eye on regional borders in the Western Hemisphere. A significant goal of Labor Migrant Gulf is to integrate new works and actions by artists in the towns and cities where it travels.

The exhibit’s center pieces are two boteh created by over 70 artists from San Diego, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Mexico City, Tijuana, Berlin, Milan, Beirut, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Toronto, Vancouver, Hawai’i and Los Angeles. Labor Migrant Gulf began as a contribution to Gulf Labor, based in New York to protest the building of cultural institutions such as the Guggenheim and Louvre in Abu Dhabi on the backs of migrant labor.

Featuring Live Music with Bucky Halker, playing Joe Hill music! Joe Hill -the worker, the singer, artist, and fighter for labor rights: join us for a night of his music surrounded by LABOR / MIGRANT / GULF. Music 8pm

Title: Fist of the Day
Medium: Silk screen print
Dimensions: 36” x 24”
Artist: Hend Al Mansour
Year: 2014

All events are free and open to the public!

Participating Artists:

Dan Adams, San Diego, California
Andrew Alcasid, San Diego, California
Mia Alexander, San Diego, California
Hend Al Mansour, Minneapolis, MN
Karina Bania, San Diego, California
Jennifer Bennett, San Diego, California
Sean Boyd, San Marcos, California
Melissa Chimera, Maui, Hawai’i
Lora ChauDavis, San Diego, California
Maria ChauDavis, San Diego, California
Richard ChauDavis, San Diego, California
Janet Cooling, Durham, North Carolina
Rowshan Dowlatabadi, San Diego, California
Hector Duarte, Chicago
Christian Garcia-Olivo, San Diego, California
Eric J. Garcia, Chicago, Illinois
Matilde Gattoni, Milan, Italy
Angela Gonzalez, Tijuana, Mexico
Matt Greco, New York
Hank Gross, San Diego, California
Becky Guttin, La Jolla, California/Mexico City
Jillian Hall, San Diego, California
Judit Hersko, San Diego, California
Hill&Stump, San Diego, California
Jill Marie Holslin, Tijuana, Mexico
Prudence Horne, San Diego, California
Adeeb Maki, San Diego, California
Bhavna Mehta, San Diego, California
Teresa Mills, Lakeside, California
Anne Mudge, Elfin Forest, California
Kim Niehans, San Diego, California
Meegan Nolan, Lemon Grove, California
A. Michelle Page, Santa Monica, California
Gabriel Rauch, San Diego, California
Leoangelo Reyes, San Diego, California
Vallo Riberto, San Diego, California
Rebecca Romani
Michael Ruiz, San Diego, California
Jayce Salloum, Vancouver, Canada
Gail Schneider, San Diego, California
Miriam Sievers, San Diego, California
Gregory Sholette, New York, New York
Nouha Sinno, Venice, California
Lauren Siry, San Diego, California
Melissa Smedley, Salinas, California
Ruth Wallen, San Diego, California
John Pitman Weber, Chicago, Illinois
Anna Zappoli, San Diego, California
Peggy Zask, San Diego, California

Al DiFranco Studio 2107 S Halsted: From Arceo Press "Rostros de la Migracion" (Faces of the Migration); "Borrando la Raya" (Erasing the Line), from Consejo Grafico; "From Where We Stand We see No Borders" portfolio from Obrero Press. The work includes linoleum-cut reliefs, serigraphy, etching and mixed media.

Participating artists:

Saul Aguirre
Jose Antonio Aguirre
Montserrat Alsina
Rene Arceo
Carlos Barbarena
Steve Berman
Mario Castillo
Melanie Cervantes
Sam Coronado
Antonio Pepe Coronado
Marcos Dimas
Bro. Mark Elder
Roberto Ferreyra
Juan Fuentes
Cristian Flores
Esperanza Gama
Jose Guerrero
Kimberley Grove
Juan Guerrero Calderon (Morelia, MX)
Carlos Jackson
Salvador Jimenez
Edgar Lopez (IN)
Alexy Javier Lanza
Jesus Macarena
Oscar Moya (El Paso)
Luis Montenegro
Poli Marichal (LA)
Dolores Mercado
Don Newton
Art Olson
Antonio Pazaran
Katherine Perryman
Cristian Pineda
John Pitman Weber
Tiger Reed
Elvia Rodriguez Ochoa
Ramiro Rodriguez
Marianne Sadowski
Erik Salgado
Francisco Siqueiros
Gabriel Villa

For more info gabbyfish@hotmail.com. Joe Hill 100 Years Part 3- LABOR / MIGRANT / GULF open by appointment through December 3- for an appointment call 312 852 7717

Special thanks to Doris Bittar of Gulf Labor West and John Pittman Weber for bringing this important show to URI-EICHEN.

Upcoming Shows:

December 12: 3rd Annual Human Rights Day Show: Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers. Opening 6-10pm.

2015, so far:

January: People at Work: Michael James
February: Gary Huck and Mike Konopacki GET OUT THE VOTE, CHICAGO!
March: Killed, Paintings from Colm McCarthy
April: Joe Hill 100 Years Part 4: James Wechsler

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